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Canal Boat Rides on Saint-Martin

  • Canal Boat Rides on Saint-Martin
  • Canal Boat Rides on Saint-Martin

You're in for a Treat

Paris is the city of romance. And what can be more romantic than a cruise? While most people enjoy a boat cruise down the famous Seine River, we suggest trying Paris canals. Today there is little industrial boat traffic on the Canal Saint Martin, but millions have been poured into developing the canal to allow for boat cruises, biking, and scenic walkways. Glide past iron footbridges and tree-shaded quays. Gaze at the shabby-chic bars and appetising bistros on the shore. Along the Rue du Faubourg du Temple, you’ll see the scruffy and cosmopolitan, the cheap grocers, hidden courtyards, and stalwarts of Paris nightlife such as Le Gibus. Past Sainte Marthe, you’ll glimpse the provincial charm of quirky boutiques and cafés. Going north along the Canal, you can drift past the multidisciplinary artistic creation is Point Ephemère, and explore the Canal de l'Ourcq, famed for its retro-futurist 70s tower blocks, and then see the 104, a cultural centre, set in a 19th-century funeral parlour.

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