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  • Blinder
  • Blinder

You're in for a Treat

If you close your eyes, walk inside and then open them again, you’d think you’d just stepped into a time machine. Blinder is a replica 1920s bar with guns, barrels and a pool table and is based on the TV series Peaky Blinders (about the gangs in Birmingham and London in the 1920s). The bar staff are dressed up in flat caps and braces and are ready to offer up help if you don’t know which tasty cocktails to choose from. The little bar also serves some decent food, too. Blinder is, in fact, found by going through another bar, First Aid Box. The concept of this bar revolves around health (with a mix of alcohol, naturally). You can dose up on vitamin C, lavender, honey and cucumber plus lashings of gin, vodka, rum and tequila. Blinder is open Friday and Saturday evenings while First Aid Box is open Tuesday to Saturday.

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London, United Kingdom

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