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Experimental Cocktail Club

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It does just what it says on the tin. Or rather the menu. The Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris, is a top-notch cocktail bar where you can sample more than just mundane mixes, with concoctions that you never thought possible. The menu isn’t exhaustive but what they do make, they make damn well. The setting at the Experimental Cocktail Club Paris is quite a treat, too, from exudingly comfy Chesterfields to low lightning and deep couches. The classic furniture, spruced up bar staff and tantalisingly pleasing drinks set the place apart from other cocktail bars in Paris. It attracts a well-heeled crowd who stop by for after work drinks and who know the area well: it’s a tad difficult finding the place, so going with a GlobeGo local might just save the day! The Experimental Cocktail Club’s prices reflect the upmarket bar, so be prepared.

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