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Cocktail Classes - Le Coq

  • Cocktail Classes - Le Coq
  • Cocktail Classes - Le Coq

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Le Coq is an unusual bar with a twist. It’s unusual because it is both highly original but essentially French. It’s a place to go to see cocktail making pushed to its limits in raw yet flash décor. But it also captures the very traditional and authentic vibe of a Parisian cocktail bar. The twist – which not even the trendiest cocktail bars in Paris can boast – is its laboratory. Yes, that’s right – you can not only enjoy bespoke and authentic cocktails, you can also learn how to make your own in their experimental cocktail testing area. The real essences of alcohols, fruits or other ingredients are broken down in the high-tech lab using chemistry-like flasks and tubes to create the finest of cocktails. It’s a unique feeling to both understand and participate in making your own superb drinks. While you can’t master molecular mixology in a short visit to Le Coq, it’s a special way to see a different side of drink-making..

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