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La Cuisine Paris - Cooking Classes

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Have you come to Paris to sample the culinary delights? We suggest going one step further and taking your Globego host along to a cooking class. La Cuisine Paris is a French cooking school that offers classes in English. This international team will share the secrets to making French croissants, macarons, cheeses, and many types of traditional French Pastry. Share, learn, and indulge in “savour-faire” enthusiasm for French cuisine. Each class is hands on and gives you a chance to work with other people in close knit teams. Together, you and your friends (or a group of new friends) can learn to put together flavourful creations that have contributed to making French cuisine famous the world over. They also offer private classes. We are sure that the food you taste on Paris’ streets will taste even better once you know how to cook your own authentic French cuisine.

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