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Les Caves du Louvre - Wine Making

You're in for a Treat

Thirsty for authentic French wine? You’ve no doubt had visions of reclining on a Parisian terrace and sipping from a glass of authentic red. How about making your own French wine? Les Caves du Louvre gives you just that opportunity. They have a unique mission for you: create your own, uniquely labelled wine in just 2 hours. With the help of a winemaker, you’ll get to taste and pick the grape varieties you want in your wine, then blend, improve and ultimately create your unique wine. Then Les Caves du Louvre shows you how to create an original label for your special creation. We highly recommend the singular feeling of walking out of Les Caves du Louvre with a bottle of your own signature wine. There’s nothing like sharing wine you’ve made yourself with your Globego host or friends. It’s a wonderful experience that takes place in a stunning 18th century royal wine cellar in central Paris, and anyone can give it go.

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