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The South Bank

  • The South Bank
  • The South Bank
  • The South Bank

You're in for a Treat

The South Bank is a fabulous area of London on the River Thames and has not only many bars and restaurants to choose from but also some of the city's best culture. The National Theatre has three different stages where you can get tickets for £15, which is a bargain compared to the West End Theatre prices. Check the National Theatre website for all listings. There is also the British Film Institute (BFI) which showcases independent films but more often it has seasons of films, for example Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, Scorsese’s classics, French films from the 1960s, etc. There's a rooftop garden just along from the Royal Festival Hall which is a great little place to sit in stomach and take your own food or enjoy your drink from the bar. The skateboard park on the river at the South Bank isn't anything particularly exceptional but it is a very much photographed location especially if you're practicing moving shots. In the summer there is a beach complete with deck chairs and a Brazilian cocktail bar. The South Bank is a fantastic part of London and if you walk walk further along, you’ll get views of St Paul's and you can walk up to London Bridge. Just near there is the Scoop Theatre which is an outdoor auditorium where films are screened in the summertime. Check the website or ask a GlobeGo local to see what's on when you are there. All films are free but you must arrive early to get a seat.

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