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British cheese

  • British cheese
  • British cheese
  • British cheese

You're in for a Treat

Accordnign to the Telegraph, "British cheese used to have a bad reputation, but curd nerds all over the globe are now queuing up to buy imported Stinking Bishop and Colston Bassett Stilton.

British cheese specialist Neal's Yard Dairy has seen overseas demand grow rapidly in recent years and today sends hundreds of tonnes of product made by small artisan producers to destinations including Spain, Belgium and Hong Kong, plus more than 200 customers in the US."

There are some real beauties that every cheese lover should try. Here is few list : 


Most Popular  British cheese
  • Stichelton
  • Keen's cheddar
  • Stinking Bishop
  • Colston Bassett stilton
  • Innes Log (Goat cheese)
  • Wensleydale blue
  • Blacksticks Blue
  • Connage Dunlop
  • Cornish yarg
  • Wigmore
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