FAQ Topics

1) How do I complete my profile? 

  • Confirm your email address and add a profile photo. These two steps are required before you can do pretty much anything on the website
  • Add your phone number. Adding your phone number is an important Safety step to insure that we can contact you in case of an emergency. 
  • Connect to Facebook. Connect to Facebook to find people in your network who are also on GlobeGo.


2)How to get Great Globego scoring?

  • Whether you’re traveling the world, hosting travelers, or making Globego tour locally, being a conscientious and generous Globego will enrich the connections you make with the people you meet and interact.
  • GlobeGo scoring and rating based on the 3 criterias :

Deal Delivered as Descrided  means GlobeGO traveller and local are very happy and exchange nice moment

Communications : Traveller and local able to communicate easily, friendly and efficienly

Recommended :Leave truthful references that describe your experience with another member accurately

3) How do I report a problem with another member?

  • Please contact us to report an issue that you have had with another member. We conduct all of our support in writing in order to keep accurate, confidential records. When contacting us, please also provide a link to the profile of the person you are reporting, links to content on the site that you need to show us, and a description of the nature of the problem.


4) What means  "Oops !! Seems like no one has requested anything yet from your country. No Match found." ?

  • As you're a traveller , means the country you will visit , no local request any products from your country for the moment.