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Camden Market

  • Camden Market
  • Camden Market

You're in for a Treat

Camden market has an eclectic choice for foodies who can feast on world cuisine in London's most popular market. Vendors will try and tempt you with morsels of food as you stroll past, giving you the chance to decide whether to go for a pulled pork burrito or a vegetarian curry (and the many other choices available there). Be sure to walk around all of the stalls first as you don’t want to just eat the first thing you see. The weekends are the busiest at Camden market, but it's also when all of the stalls are open. Our favourite picks are Seawise for seafood, Steakhaus for meaty steaks and chips and Kolkati for Indian wraps. There’s an outdoor seating area in the Stables area but you might be fighting for space on a weekend.

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