How To



How to use GLOBEGO?

How To

Are you Travelling?

I’m travelling to a featured destination. Woohoo!

Find one or more cool hosts who are happy to grant your travel wishes. Then negotiate what you’ll bring them in return.



1 numberBag an Experience

Choose from GLOBEGO’s dynamic city experiences, then pop your favourites into your backpack.



2 NumberView Matching Hosts

                    See the fabulous destination hosts ordering items from your departure country.



 3 NumberGet Negotiating

Find one or more hospitable hosts who are happy to grant your travel wishes and negotiate what you’ll bring them.



4 Number  Explore and Enjoy

Deliver your gifts, discover the city’s gems and share your fantastic GLOBEGO experiences together




Are you Local?

I’d love to order international items (with no delivery charge – hoorah!)

Find one or more cool travellers who are happy to bring your favorite products. Then agree with them the best way to award them.





1 numberPick your items

Select a GLOBEGO city, choose from the diverse products available there and pop the items into your backpack.



2 NumberGet Notified

Receive a message when a matching GLOBEGO traveller is coming over from the selected city.



3 NumberConnect and Negotiate

Negotiate which experiences you’ll share with the traveller and which items they’ll bring you in return.



4 Number     Show and Share

Receive your sought-after goods, engage in the fun activities and create unforgettable GlobeGo experiences together.