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National Portrait Gallery

  • National Portrait Gallery
  • National Portrait Gallery

You're in for a Treat

The National Portrait Gallery is home to a wide selection of portraits of famous British people from the past few centuries. The contemporary paintings on display show singers such as Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, popular figures including David Beckham and a controversial portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge. You'll also find a skull crafted from blood, and famous British actors and actors. The older paintings date back to the Stuart and Tudor age were you can discover the queens and kings of England. The National Portrait Gallery has interactive computer screens for you to search for your favourite portraits and they have changing exhibitions.From June to September they hold the BP Portrait Awards where artists from around the world can submit their work and the best ones are showcased in the National Portrait Gallery every year. Before you leave the gallery, be sure to go upstairs to the restaurant to get some great views over the city (and pricy food).

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London, United Kingdom

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