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Paris Unusual Museums

  • Paris Unusual Museums
  • Paris Unusual Museums

You're in for a Treat

Paris is not just a joy for the lover of classic and contemporary art. There are some odd museums too. Fascinated by vampires? Let eccentric, self-proclaimed ‘vampirologist’ Jacques Sirgent take you on a tour of the world’s only vampire museum, the Le Musée des Vampires (14 Rue Jules David, 93260), in a morbid-looking alleyway at the edge of the city by the Porte des Lilas. Ever been to a museum populated by dolls? Musée de la Poupée (7 Impasse Berthaud, 75003) stocks nearly 500 of them, arranged in thematic tableaux with their accompanying accessories and pets. Or perhaps you are more architecturally inclined, and would like to tour a museum of sewers? Long the source of its drinking water and destination for its waste, Paris has always relied on the Seine, and Musée des Égouts de Paris (Pont de l'Alma, rive gauche, 75007) is the smelly museum that celebrates this: each sewer in the 2,100km (1,305-mile) system is marked with a replica of the street sign above. Take a walk on the odd side of Paris by daring yourself to try these unusual museums.

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